December 1, 2023

Pure Storage is rolling out a new version of its Purity software for FlashBlade and FlashArray features designed ease recovery from ransomware attacks.

For Purity for FlashBlade, Pure’s Unified Fast File and Object storage platform, the company is adding SMB support that accelerates Windows applications and features SafeMode Snapshots for rapid ransomware recovery. Purity for FlashBlade also includes replication, file system rollback and validation for SQL Server backup speeds higher than 1TB/min.

Purity for FlashBlade, available in the first quarter, also enhances security for AWS S3 and has unified APIs and software development kits. Purity for FlashBlade is designed to enable SMB workloads to scale.

Purity for FlashArray also includes tools for ransomware recovery. The system includes Purity SafeMode that combines snapshots and policy-based retention to ensure protected data is able to be recovered in seconds.Ransomware is an ongoing problem for enterprises of all sizes. Recent headlines include:

Purity for FlashArray also includes ActiveCluster over Fibre Channel, which is integrated with Pure1Cloud Mediator, as well as NVMe support. Pure said it is also launching new entry-level FlashArray//C40 designed to compete with hybrid arrays. Purity for FlashArray is available immediately.

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