December 11, 2023

T-Mobile has confirmed it has shut down a data breach operation that may have harvested a small group of customers’ phone numbers, number of lines per account, and call diagnostic metrics. Customers who may have been affected were alerted via text message yesterday and told that the event took place in November.

The company tells us that hackers did not have access to any names associated with the account, financial data, credit card information, social security numbers, passwords, PINs or physical or email addresses.

While most of the worrisome stuff has been excepted here, those call diagnostic metrics — customer proprietary network information as defined by the FCC — can and may include call location data such as tower IDs and even granular information from your device.

On the whole, though, it appears that the scale of impact both in terms of severity and range is relatively minimal this time around — there are plenty of two-bit attacks like this one that we don’t get to report on — but T-Mobile has made itself out to be a frequent victim as it has been affected by at least one big attack every year.

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