June 5, 2023

A data broker has been allegedly selling stolen user data of twenty-six companies on a hacker forum.

The hacker behind the sale has stolen a whopping total of 368.8 million user records majorly from companies that previously reported ‘Data Breach’, however, seven new companies that joined the list were – Sitepoint.com, Anyvan.com, MyON.com, Teespring.com, Eventials.com, ClickIndia.com, and Wahoofitness.com.

Dark Web and Hacking Forums keep making headlines for their notorious relationship with data brokers and hackers who extensively use these platforms to leak or sell databases containing user information/credentials/records acquired during data breaches of various companies worldwide who later confirm the breaches. However, in the aforementioned case, only MyON and Chqbook have confirmed the data breaches, the other six companies have not given any statement confirming that they have experienced a data breach.

The companies that fell prey to the data breach are as follows: MyON.com (13 million), Singlesnet.com (16 million), Teespring.com (8.2 million), ModaOperandi.com (1.2 million), Chqbook.com (1 million), Pizap.com (60 million), Anyvan.com (4.1 million), Fotolog.com (33 million), Eventials.com (1.4 million), Wahoofitness.com (1.7 million), Reverbnation.com (7.8 million), Sitepoint.com (1 million), Netlog.com (53 million), Clickindia.com (8 million), Cermati.com (2.9 million), Juspay.in (100 million), Everything5pounds.com (2.9 million), Knockcrm.com (6 million), Accuradio.com (2.2 million), Mindful.org (1.7 million), Geekie.com.br (8.1 million), Bigbasket.com (20 million), Wognai.com (4.3 million), Reddoorz.com (5.8 million), Wedmegood.com (1.3 million), Hybris.com (4 million).

Users who happen to be a part of any of the abovementioned websites are strongly advised to update their passwords, preferably something unusual and strong enough to thwart a brute-force attack.

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