September 21, 2023

Palo Alto Networks is enhancing its cloud security platform by releasing new features. Integrated with its acquisition of Aporeto, a machine identity-based microsegmentation company.

Organizations can securely connect office branches and mobile users to the cloud, allow for SaaS adoption with a cloud access security broker, and improve security across multi-cloud deployments.

With the integration of Aporeto, Palo Alto is bringing identity-based microsegmentation into Prisma Cloud. The technology will provide visibility of network communications along with security policy control and management.

Other than this integration ,new DLP capabilities offer discovery, classification, and malware detection for AWS S3. The IAM features provide customers CIEM capabilities, visibility into who has access to specific cloud resources, and the ability secure those resources with automated least-privileged identity access.

Securing the cloud is a major focus for Palo Alto, along with securing the enterprise and providing security with its AI-powered platform Cortex.Palo Alto built up its cloud security capabilities with the acquisition of the cloud security startup RedLock, as well as the purchase of and Aporeto.

Enterprises are moving towards cloud centric for enhancing the release velocity for Devops, for which Secops requires an integration across platforms

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