December 3, 2023

• Zoom has skyrocketed with its popularity in past month , but a slew of security came rising against is popularity

• A 9 year growth, fame , ease of use has been severely damaged due to its recent issues.

• 200 million meetings hosted in March 2020

•Zoom is taking measures to overcome issues like zoom-bombing and other recent issues

• Most of the companies started to block zoom from state sponsored offices to corporate comapnies

• But the challenge relies on maintaining the ease of use while ratcheting security

• Security means enforcing more security steps to the use which may cause a popularity itch with the software usage

• Zoom has outlined a 90 days plan to overcome all its issues , to make security and privacy first product. Zoom decided to freeze all its development activities and to concentrate on filling security gaps .

• Zoom has ropped in external security consultants from facebook to ramp  it’s security . Will form a council of CISO to overlook security.

• It’s now Security versus Convenience .

• Implementing 2 factor authentication is a good idea but each and every time user has to enter a password that he/she receives in mobile. Enforcing tighter security with all other participants to enter a password may take a slight longer to ease

• Implementing end to end encryption with not compromising the call quality might be a challenge relies with zoom .

• Zoom must be transparent in measures that it’s been taken against withstand privacy.. so that security experts can access.

Time to clear the road block is 90 days but hurdles remains.. it’s clear that now or never.. let’s See.. Zoom’s issue is a clear lesson to other competitors to overlook and tighter their security and privacy .

It’s not about patch and updates… It’s about trust.

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