December 6, 2023

Accenture acquires Innotec security, one of Spain’s most prominent cybersecurity service providers.

Accenture said its buy of Innotec Security will add 500 cyber professionals with expertise across threat simulation, incident management, and cyber intelligence to Accenture Security’s 20,000-person staff. The deal will allow Accenture to assist global companies with Spanish headquarters as well as European or Latin American companies with Spanish offices.


Critical infrastructure organizations and government agencies must have the top-level certification around the capability they own, and Innotec’s rich collection of certification means the company is used by many leading organizations in Spain. For Innotec, becoming part of Accenture means customers will have access to around-the-clock managed service capabilities across the entire globe.

Existing Innotec clients will benefit from the investments Accenture has made alongside Google and Microsoft in managed extended detection and response as well as the money Accenture has sunk into helping clients migrate from traditional, on-premises security information and events management to a cloud-based SIEM with as-a-service capabilities and security orchestration, automation and response.


Accenture plans to maintain the Innotec brand in the short term and to keep its local operations in Spain separate for a couple of months,

Accenture Security will closely track client satisfaction, revenue growth, and headcount growth, with the goal of doubling its Spanish employee count within the next two or three years.

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