December 7, 2023

CCleaner, the popular system optimization software, has been identified as one of the victims of the MOVEit hack due to that some limited personal information of CCleaner customers had indeed been compromised.

The exposed data by MOVEit hack was primarily restricted to customers’ names, contact information, and details about the products they had purchased from the company.

Importantly, no sensitive financial information, including banking details or credit card numbers, was compromised. High-risk data such as login credentials and account details also remained secure.


The discovery of the CCleaner data breach was made public when Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, received a notification from the firm official account.

The email, sent by CCleaner’s security team, alerted Hunt to the exposure of certain personal information on the dark web and emphasized their commitment to customer safety.

CCleaner has expressed their deep concern over the incident. To alleviate the potential risks to their valued customers, they have taken proactive measures. CCleaner is offering its customers BreachGuard, a comprehensive dark web monitoring service free of charge for a period of six months. BreachGuard’s capabilities encompass monitoring for data breaches, tracking personal information on the dark web, and providing access to privacy resources tailored to the customer’s region.

Customers affected by the CCleaner data exposure incident can anticipate receiving detailed instructions on how to install BreachGuard in the coming days.


CCleaner intends to send this information to the affected customers’ registered email addresses. This service aims to empower customers with the tools necessary to safeguard their personal information and privacy.

CCleaner swift response and the offer of BreachGuard provide some reassurance to those affected. As the situation unfolds, CCleaner remains dedicated to maintaining the trust and confidence of its user base.

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