December 6, 2023

Lookout has announced enhancements to its cloud security platform that are designed to assist organizations in better discover, assess, and protect their data as it moves across any network, cloud, applications and devices.

The Lookout Cloud Security Platform monitors the risk posture of users and devices to provide granular zero-trust access based on the sensitivity levels of apps and data. The platform enables organizations to protect employees, devices, applications, and data from unauthorized access and internet-based threats.

Lookout’s zero-trust network access solution, Secure Private Access, which discovers and helps onboard private applications running on an organization’s network hosted on-premises or in the cloud currently accessed by VPN. Through this IT teams can now see all private applications being accessed by their users and take steps to define and enforce access and data protection policies for these apps.


The Lookout Cloud Security Platform, which offers an integrated cloud firewall that extends inspection of incoming and outgoing traffic across all ports and protocols, has been enhanced with more granular security and access policies. The addition allows customers to apply enhanced security and access across all of their apps web, TCP, UDP, and ICMP as well as internet and intranet traffic.

Lookout has expanded data classification and protection capabilities for Google Drive, including expanded support for data classification capabilities across the Lookout Cloud Security Platform through an integration with Google Drive labels. The integration helps Lookout customers classify sensitive data with Google Drive labels and enforce security policies based on these labels to protect sensitive data stored in Google Drive’s application programming interface mode.

Other features include the ability to secure traffic and enforce policies on guest networks and internet of things devices, delivering visibility and control over all endpoints and users within their network to reduce the risk of malware infections and data exfiltration.


Lookout has enhanced traffic inspection capabilities, expanding data and threat protection to guest users of company networks and traffic coming from IoT devices.

With advanced threat protection from phishing and unpatched threats has been enhanced by integrating with remote browser isolation and cloud sandboxing to improve the user experience, preventing users from accessing malicious sites and content.

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