December 10, 2023

Backbox Software,  a network management and automation platform  has announced the launch of Network Vulnerability Manager, a new service that offers deep integration with vulnerability management for network teams.

The new NVM, offered alongside Backbox’s existing Network Automation Platform, integrates automated operating system upgrades and network configuration management capabilities with network vulnerability management into common workflows.

NVM has been built for network teams to discover vulnerabilities in their network easily, prioritize common vulnerabilities and exposures according to their unique risk profile and automate multiple levels of remediation, no matter the network complexity.


The service seeks to address an issue wherein most security professionals say they spend more time navigating manual processes than responding to vulnerabilities.

With this addition, the Backbox platform now offers network teams a comprehensive vulnerability management process that identifies vulnerabilities and classifies them by threat level as they surface.

The platform prioritizes vulnerabilities as per the priorities of each customer’s unique network environment and automates multiple levels of remediation through configuration changes, network and firewall operating system upgrades and patches. The platform simplifies OS and firmware updates with built-in backups, single-click roll-backs and integrated pre- and post-update validations.

The platform helps network teams with device lifecycle management and automates hardware upgrades around vendor-driven end-of-life data.

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