December 2, 2023

Simpson Manufacturing, an engineering firm and building material provider in the U.S., has been struck by a cyberattack that caused disruptions in its IT infrastructure and applications.

The disclosure was made in a filing with the SEC, elloborating that after becoming aware of the malicious activity, it began taking steps to stop and remediate the activity, including taking certain systems offline.

It had hired third-party cybersecurity experts to support its investigation and recovery efforts, Simpson Manufacturing added that the incident “has caused and is expected to continue to cause disruption to parts of the company’s business operations”


The form of cyberattack was not disclosed, the saying that if it sounds like ransomware, it probably is ransomware comes into play.

Simpson Manufacturing has been forced to take systems offline and is still experiencing disruptions, which suggests, at the very least, lateral movement across its network and lateral movement is typically an indicator of a ransomware attack.

So far no ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but in the fast-moving world of cybercrime, that could quickly change.

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