December 10, 2023

Arctic Wolf Networks announced the acquisition of Revelstoke Security for an undisclosed price deal.

Arctic Wolf is a major provider of managed cybersecurity services based out of Minnesota that monitors organizations’ infrastructure on their behalf to find malicious activity and vulnerabilities. Arctic Wolf can also remediate breaches.

The company’s managed cybersecurity service is powered by an internally-developed software platform. According to Arctic Wolf, the platform ingests more than 4.5 trillion cybersecurity-related data points per week. It collects that data from the infrastructure of the more than 4,600 organizations in Arctic Wolf’s customer base.


Revelstoke, the company Arctic Wolf has acquired, provides a so-called SOAR platform of the same name. SOAR products provide features that enable cybersecurity teams to detect hacking attempts and respond to them. Such products also make it possible to automate repetitive manual tasks such as removing malware from employee devices.

According to Arctic Wolf, the internally developed platform that powers its managed cybersecurity service is likewise designed to integrate with other breach detection products. In particular, it collects breach data from Arctic Wolf customers’ existing cybersecurity software. It uses that data to find and block malicious activity in customer networks.

Arctic Wolf will use the integrations Revelstoke has built for popular cybersecurity tools to extend its platform’s feature set. Revelstoke’s technology will enable it to automate cybersecurity tasks that currently have to be done manually. Arctic Wolf expects that the software will enable it to detect and remediate breaches faster.


Arctic Wolf previously acquired cybersecurity startup Tetra Defense in early 2022. Tetra Defense developed a platform that allows organizations to restore a system infected with malware to an earlier, secure state.

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