September 29, 2023

Adobe has urgently shipped a security update addressing a dire flaw in Adobe Acrobat and Reader. If left unchecked, this critical vulnerability could set the stage for arbitrary code execution, giving cyber attackers a potential backdoor into your system. The issue isn’t restricted to a single OS either – it’s wreaking havoc on both Windows and macOS systems.

The vulnerability dubbed as CVE-2023-26369, this nefarious zero-day vulnerability stems from an out-of-bounds write weakness. In layman’s terms, attackers leveraging this flaw can gain the capability to run malicious code on your device without your consent.

Adobe’s security bulletin highlights the gravity of the situation: “Adobe is aware that CVE-2023-26369 has been exploited in the wild in limited attacks targeting Adobe Acrobat and Reader,” as mentioned in their latest security advisory.


The company didn’t dither in ascertaining the risk level either. Adobe classified CVE-2023-26369 with its highest priority rating, sending a clarion call to administrators. The message is unambiguous: install the security patch and do it promptly – ideally within the crucial 72-hour window.

The comprehensive list detailing the vulnerable products and their versions is provided in the table below.

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