October 3, 2023
Source : – Ermetic

Tenable has announced its intent to acquire Israeli cloud security startup Ermetic, the developer of an integrated cloud-native application protection platform and a provider of cloud infrastructure entitlement management.

Tenable will pay about $240 million in cash and $25 million in restricted stock, subject to price adjustments. Ermetic built itself as a leader in the cloud infrastructure entitlement and identity centric cloud security platform market with services and capabilities such as allowing the automation of risk analysis, understanding user entitlements, risk prioritization and automated remediation.

Ermetic’s tools allow cloud teams to build, deploy and run secure cloud applications using an all-in-one software platform that simplifies monitoring, detecting, and acting on potential cloud security vulnerabilities. It does so with a central control dashboard that unifies all security capabilities and access management.


The company recently released a feature called CNAPPgoat, an open-source project that allows organizations to test their own cloud security skills, processes, and tools in a sandbox environment. Using this new tool, security teams can set up their own “risk scenarios” and run through them to test CNAPP platforms and tools.

Tenable has a plan to add Ermetic’s capabilities insights into Tenable One, its unified system for cloud and on-premises asset visibility and associated vulnerabilities in one exposure management platform. Tenable One identifies assets across an entire attack surface and aggregates vulnerability data from enterprise infrastructure, web apps, public cloud, and identity management systems.

Security teams can then better prepare themselves for attack with a broad view of exposures, privileges, and attack paths through their networks.

The deal is expected to close sometime early in the fourth quarter of 2023, subject to ordinary conditions set down in the contract.

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