September 29, 2023

Embattled crypto firms BlockFi and FTX said they have both been indirectly affected by a breach involving third-party claims administration platform Kroll.

BlockFi issued a statement, attempting to assuage concerns that its internal systems and funds had not been affected by the breach. Kroll has reportedly confirmed unauthorized access to certain client data stored on its system.

Kroll is currently serving as the claims agent in the bankruptcy cases of both companies, facilitating the submission and administration of debtor claims through online portals.


Defunct crypto exchange FTX announced a similar incident, which it said had occurred on Kroll’s platform and that its own system and account passwords had also not been affected.

FTX collapsed late last year following allegations it had misappropriated customer funds through sister trading firm Alameda Research. BlockFi simultaneously fell victim to a liquidity crunch following its exposure to FTX through loans made to Alameda as well as funds trapped on FTX.

BlockFi is attempting to foil efforts by FTX, as well as former Singapore-based hedge fund firm Three Arrows Capital, over claims to billions of dollars they say are owed to them by the former crypto lender.

Both companies advised clients to remain vigilant for attempted fraud, phishing attempts, and scam emails impersonating parties connected to the security breaches.


BlockFi also warned of an expected uptick in spam phone calls and phishing attempts against other bankrupt crypto firms in the weeks and months ahead.

FTX and BlockFi said they were monitoring the situation. Blockworks attempted to contact Kroll but has so far received no response.

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