September 29, 2023

Malwarebytes has announced that it has acquired online privacy solutions provider Cyrus Labs for an undisclosed price.

Cyrus, founded in 2020, is a platform designed to shield individuals and businesses from increasing cybercrime and fraud threats. The platform explores the kill chain for consumer threats considering social media, dark web content, and overall online presence to form a view of threats specific to each individual and alert them earlier.

For individuals, it offers continuous credit monitoring, with users able to track their credit accounts and credit scores from one place, with alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected. The service also offers actionable steps in case of attempted identity theft.


For businesses, it offers in-house cybersecurity experts, account protection, device security, and credit monitoring. The service is claimed to cover security blind spots, particularly in the work-from-home age, and reduce privacy concerns. It’s designed to be quick and easy to set up, with onboarding taking only minutes.

The acquisition is said by Malwarebytes to reinforce its commitment to privacy by giving users more control over their information, no matter where or how they choose to browse and interact online. The Cyrus team and technology will also assist Malwarebytes in strengthening its mobile privacy solutions.

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