September 29, 2023

Google set to announce an update in Chrome 117 that aims to proactively inform users when an extension they have installed is no longer available on the Chrome Web Store. The move comes as part of the tech giant’s ongoing commitment to enhance security measures within its browser platform.

The feature, called the Safety Check, is designed to address three specific scenarios.

  • It will alert users if an extension has been unpublished by its developer.
  • It will notify users if an extension has been removed due to a violation of Chrome Web Store policies.
  • The Safety Check will come into play when an extension is flagged as potential malware.

The notification system would automatically clear if the issue is resolved, offering reassurance to both users and developers.


The notification system will live within the “Privacy and security” section of Chrome’s settings page. By clicking on the “Review” button, users will be directed to their list of installed extensions. The users will have the option to remove the flagged extension or dismiss the warning if they believe it to be a genuine installation.

This feature update doesn’t aim to impact legitimate extensions, with a dedicated mechanism in place to notify developers of possible violations and grant them an opportunity to address any issues before the extension is flagged.

Feedback from users and developers is actively encouraged, with the Chrome team inviting contributions via the chromium-extensions mailing list. As Chrome users anticipate the arrival of Chrome 117, Google’s commitment to maintaining a secure and user-friendly environment remains at the forefront of their browser development strategy.

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