September 29, 2023

Cisco is enhancing its XDR platform. By adding recovery to the response process. This enhancement brings near real-time recovery for business operations after a ransomware attack.

With the launch of Cisco XDR, it has delivered deep telemetry and unmatched visibility across the network and endpoints. By reducing the crucial time between the beginnings of a ransomware outbreak and capturing a snapshot of business-critical information to near-zero.

During Q2 2023, the Cisco Talos Incident Response (IR) team responded to the highest number of ransomware engagements in more than a year. With the new capabilities in Cisco XDR, SOC teams will be able to automatically detect, snapshot, and restore the business-critical data at the very first signs of a ransomware attack, often before it moves laterally through the network to reach high-value assets.


Cisco is quickly disrupting the security landscape across their entire portfolio, and their XDR solution could become the de facto reference architecture organizations.

Cisco is expanding its initially released, extensive set of third-party XDR integrations to include leading infrastructure and enterprise data backup and recovery vendors. organizations can now automatically recover from ransomware attacks with first-of-its-kind capabilities in Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR), the first integration of this kind with Cohesity’s DataProtect and the DataHawk solutions.

Cohesity has a proven track record of innovation in data backup and recovery capabilities. Cohesity’s products provide configurable recovery points and mass recovery for systems assigned to a protection plan. The new features take this core functionality to the next level by preserving potentially infected virtual machines for future forensic investigation, while simultaneously protecting data and workloads in the rest of the environment.

Cohesity’s engineers worked alongside Cisco technical teams to dynamically adapt data protection policies to offer organizations a stronger security posture. This complements Cisco XDR’s robust detection, correlation, and integrated response capabilities and will enable customers to benefit from accelerated response for data protection and automated recovery.

Cisco XDR is now available globally to simplify security operations in today’s hybrid, multi-vendor, multi-threat landscape.

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