October 3, 2023

Palo Alto has debuted a new continuous integration and continuous delivery security module to provide integrated software delivery pipeline security as part of the code-to-cloud capabilities in its Prisma Cloud cloud-native application protection platform.

Prisma cloud CI/CD Security provides graph-based CI/CD security that has been designed to provide better visibility in engineering ecosystems. The service offers protection from the Open Worldwide Application Security Project Top 10 CI/CD risks, pipeline posture management, and attack path analysis via the Cloud Application Graph.

Multiple code scanners that were used to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities leave fragmentation in risk view. Most of the organizations lack visibility into those contributing to trusted artifact registries, which technologies and frameworks are in use, and how to export a software bill of materials of said ecosystem.


The new Prisma Cloud Application Security dashboard unifies visibility across the engineering ecosystem. The dashboard also normalizes signals across code scanners to provide a centralized view of risk and a trending view to help monitor security performance across development teams.

The service allows AppSec teams to gain visibility across code repositories, contributors, technologies used and pipelines connected from a single pane, along with specific code risks. The service helps AppSec understand which repositories and pipelines are connected to production, allowing teams to prioritize risk with full infrastructure context.

CI/CD Security is the 11th module integrated into Palo Alto Networks’ cloud security platform. With the integration, Palo Alto claims that the Prisma Cloud is the most comprehensive cloud-native application protection platform, known as CNAPP, to protect the entire application lifecycle from code through deployment to runtime.

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