September 29, 2023

Google has released a new report on a critical capability that it will deploys to support its Secure AI Framework.

During June 2023, Google released its Secure AI Framework (SAIF) to assist companies to protect artificial intelligence models from hacking. The framework is aimed at ensuring that when AI models are implemented, they are secured by default.

SAIF can help companies stave off attempts to steal a neural network’s code and training dataset and can be useful for blocking other types of attacks. It explains on the Red Team’s operations and its crucial role in preparing organizations for potential AI-based cyberthreats.


Google’s AI Red Team along with emulating the threats ranging from nation-states to individual criminals, the team also brings specialized AI subject matter expertise to their task, which is claimed to be an increasingly important asset today.

Google AI Red Team capable to simulate the real-world scenarios that employs attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures to test various system defenses. Using their AI expertise, the team can highlight potential vulnerabilities in AI systems by adapting relevant research to real products and features that use AI technology.

The goal of such testing is to understand the impacts of these simulated attacks and identify opportunities to improve safety and security measures. Some attacks may not have straightforward fixes, reinforcing the need for incorporating insights gleaned from the red-team process into an organization’s workflow. The integration can help guide research and product development efforts and enhance the overall security of AI systems.


The report also emphasizes the value of traditional security controls. Despite AI systems’ unique nature, proper system and model lockdowns can mitigate many potential vulnerabilities. It’s noted that some AI system attacks can be detected in a similar fashion to conventional attacks, underlining the relevance of standard security protocols.

The report concluded with a recommendation that every organization conduct regular red team exercises to help secure critical AI deployments in large public systems.

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