October 2, 2023

Fortanix has announced significant expansions to its ecosystem with the introduction of its Data Masking and Tokenization Solution that is designed to tackle increasing data breaches and evolving data privacy regulations organizations are dealing with in 2023.

The new solution is an enhancement to Fortanix’s Data Security Manager platform that helps existing SaaS key management customers adopt data masking and tokenization. The solution allows users to benefit from increased business agility without compromising on security.


The solution has been designed with simplicity and scalability in mind to make it a compelling choice for integrating into different cloud and application vendor solutions for a more cohesive value chain.

Fortanix’s platform is pitched as a solution to addressing enterprise data proliferation. Issues arise from fragmented security stacks, isolated teams, and inconsistent regulatory requirements across different regions. Fortanix tackles these issues, simplifying the masking and tokenization of sensitive data across various sources, enabling adherence to diverse regulatory requirements, and fostering compliance.

The Fortanix SaaS solution is not just an industry-first – it’s also built on the foundation of confidential computing that makes it inherently secure compared to anything else out there. It can truly become an easy button to secure sensitive data.

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