October 3, 2023

Microsoft has announced that it will soon rebrand Azure Active Directory as Entra ID. The name change will be effective gradually from second half of 2023.

The Microsoft Entra suite is designed to offer identity and access management, cloud infrastructure management as well as identity verification capabilities to businesses. At launch, it included Azure AD, Microsoft Entra Verified ID, and Microsoft Entra Permissions Management. Since then, Microsoft Entra added two new product categories;  Microsoft Entra ID Governance and Microsoft Entra Workload ID.

Microsoft explained that the rebranding reflects the fact that Azure AD is now a product in the Microsoft Entra portfolio. It should also help customers to understand and use its capabilities to protect different identities and access points.

Microsoft plans to rename the standalone license names for Azure AD. This will be effective from October 1,2023.

All Azure AD features and capabilities will continue to be available for customers in Microsoft Entra ID. This name change won’t impact licensing plans, pricing, Azure AD URLs, APIs, and authentication libraries.

Microsoft also announced yesterday two new tools that will be joining its Entra product family. The company highlighted that Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Internet Access, and Microsoft Entra Private Access will enable IT admins to apply Conditional access policies across organizational apps and resources.

With Microsoft Entra Internet Access, customers can ensure secure access to SaaS, internet, and Microsoft 365 apps and services. The service allows IT admins to configure network conditions to block malicious traffic and other security threats.

The Microsoft Entra Private Access security solution lets users securely connect to private apps from any network or device. The service lets administrators set up Conditional access policies to protect individual apps. They can also enforce controls like MFA and device compliance on legacy applications.

The new security service edge (SSE) solutions are currently available in previews for enterprise customers. Microsoft plans to unveil the pricing details when the new solutions will become generally available in the coming months.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance is getting a few updates to boost protection against sophisticated attacks. There is a new dashboard that enables IT admins to monitor security posture, attack types, and recommendations. Other capabilities include AI-powered access reviews, lifecycle workflows, and more.

Starting on July 11, Microsoft’s partners (such as EY LL and KPMG) will help customers deploy Microsoft Entra ID governance in their organizations. The list includes Edgile, EY LL, KPMG, PwC, and other global system integrator partners

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