October 2, 2023

The BlackCat ransomware group claims they have breached Barts Health NHS Trust and stolen seven terabytes of internal documents.

Barts Health NHS Trust is the organization overseeing several hospitals and clinics in London, including St Bartholomew’s, the Royal London, Mile End, Whipps Cross, and Newham. They serve almost 2.5 million people as one of the biggest hospital groups in the UK.


BlackCat group disclosed a sampling of the stolen information, which included staff passports and licenses as well as internal emails and private correspondence. They are threatened to make a sizable quantity of the trust’s private information public if their demands are not met.

It’s worth mentioning that the threat actors did not mention an encryption key in their message, making experts speculate that they did not make use of ransomware in this attack.

The claims of a security incident have been acknowledged by the Barts Health NHS Trust, which has also said that an investigation is being carried out.

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