October 3, 2023

Checkmarx has announced a new strategic partnership with Bringa to help organizations develop top-tier application security programs suitable for the evolving threat landscape.

To address the increasing security risk of insecure code, which is a prominent source of data breaches. This collaboration merges the risk-based prioritization, automation, and reporting capabilities of the Brinqa Attack Surface Intelligence Platform with the Checkmarx One Application Security Platform.


The collaboration will result in a joint solution offering extensive orchestration of the cyber risk lifecycle for code. The combination will include static and dynamic application security testing, software composition analysis and infrastructure-as-code capabilities, which enable automated vulnerability discovery, prioritization, remediation, and reporting. The solution is aimed at reducing risk, ensuring compliance, and supporting business growth.

Optiv facilitated the partnership based on customer requests and market demand for more dynamic vulnerability management reporting. By leveraging these technology platforms with proper configuration and automation, our clients can rapidly detect, prioritize, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities using proper business contexts.

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