September 29, 2023

BlackCat ransomware gang has taken the credit for the February 2023 cyberattack against Reddit, claiming to have stolen 80 gigabytes of data.

Reddit disclosed the breach shortly after being hacked and described the incident as the result of a sophisticated and highly targeted phishing attack in which an employee’s credentials and MFA tokens were stolen.

The attackers accessed internal documents, internal dashboards, business systems, source code, the information of hundreds of contacts and current and former employees, and advertiser data.


Reddit said that no evidence that the attackers compromised production systems, user passwords or accounts during that time.

Now, BlackCat ransomware gang listed Reddit on its leak site and claimed to have stolen 80GB of data. No file-encrypting ransomware appears to have been deployed on Reddit’s systems and demanding  millions of ransoms as a payment.

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