October 3, 2023

Eisai, a Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai disclosed that Eisai Group has fallen victim to a ransomware incident which occurred on June 3 and encrypted some of its servers.

Due to this attack, several systems, including logistics systems, have been temporarily taken offline. Eisai’s corporate websites and email systems remain operational, and the company is currently investigating the possibility of any data leakage.

In response to this cyber-attack, Eisai said it swiftly established a company-wide task force and is working on recovery efforts with the guidance of external experts. They have also engaged law enforcement in the matter.


Any potential impact of this incident on the consolidated earnings forecast of this fiscal year is currently under careful examination. If determined that revisions are necessary, an announcement will be made as soon as possible.

The security expert also suggested that the disclosure of successful infiltration by most cyber-criminal groups raises questions about whether the incident was initiated by an insider or a nation-state aiming to either steal data or inflict substantial disruption on the targeted organization.

The impact of cyberattacks on pharmaceutical organizations includes lack of availability of critical systems and business disruptions that may halt research and development (R&D) and drug production, and loss of data including intellectual property (IP), clinical trial data, and patient data.

Cyberattacks can also influence loss of market position and bring about financial losses caused by lost revenue and additional costs of lawsuits, regulatory non-compliance and potentially hefty fines, loss of consumer trust, and reduced shareholder value.

No threat group has claimed the responsibility till date.

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