October 3, 2023

Rezilion has introduced a new feature called Smart Fix that offers critical guidance for users to understand the most strategic upgrade to fix vulnerable components.

Updating vulnerable components to the latest version can cause disruptive breaks in the enterprise environment, increasing tension between DevOps and security staff when remediation must happen.

Smart Fix addresses common issues when patching is required, offering guidance on the best update version available to patch CVE with the lowest likelihood of breaking applications or infrastructure, shrinking operational risk, and minimizing downtime.


The guidance provided by Smart Fix also allows users to clear out clutter and complexity and create policies and automation that prioritize the smartest fix available, not just the most recent fix. Rezilion claims this leads to faster remediation workflows to minimize exposure time.

Developers can focus on fixing components that are possible to fix with clear instructions on what they need to fix right the first time, avoiding time-consuming rounds of research and rollbacks.

Razilion offering differs from other scanners and vulnerability management solutions, as the solution tells users what and where to fix and how to eliminate both common vulnerabilities and exposure as well as operational risks simultaneously – and get the work done automatically.

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