December 9, 2023

Black Basta ransomware group has infiltrated ABB network which has reportedly affected business operations.

ABB manufacturers of industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA systems for manufacturers and energy suppliers. It has approximately 105,000 employees.

On May 7th, ABB fell victim to a ransomware attack led by the Black Basta, a ransomware gang that has been active since April 2022.

The breach affected their Windows Active Directory and hundreds of their devices. Anonymous sources says that the attack has caused significant disruption to ABB’s operations and projects, and impacted its factories.


ABB recently detected an IT security incident that directly affected certain locations and systems. To address the situation, ABB has taken, and continues to take, measures to contain the incident. Such containment measures have resulted in some disruptions to its operations which the company is addressing.

The vast majority of its systems and factories are now up and running and ABB continues to serve its customers in a secure manner. ABB continues to work diligently with its customers and partners to resolve this situation and minimize its impact.

Black Basta has maliciously infiltrated entities such as Yellow Pages Canada. Most recently they attacked Capita – UK’s largest outsourcing company.

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