December 11, 2023

Google is expanding its dark web reporting service to all Gmail users in the U.S. amid other new online safety features announced at its annual I/O conference today in Mountain View, California.

Initially announced for Google One subscribers in March and generates a report identifying stolen information listed on hacking sites and marketplaces on the dark web. If any matching information is found on the dark web, the service provides guidance to users on how they might protect that information.

Gmail users can run scans to see if their email address appears on the dark web and receive guidance on actions, such as MFA to protect their accounts. The service will remind Gmail users to check if their email has been linked to any data breaches that have ended up on ransomware leak sites or other nefarious sites on the dark web.


The dark web reporting service will be rolled out to Gmail users in the U.S. in the coming weeks, with access being expanded to select international markets soon.

Other security announcements at Google I/O

  • Safe Browsing application programming interface.
  • Enhanced spam protection in Google Drive
  • Android 14 to improve transparency around how apps use data. Ability to approve or decline location sharing for each app.

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