December 8, 2023

Google has said that it prevented 1.43 million policy-violating applications from being published on Google Play in 2022. It also announced it has banned 173k developer accounts and prevented over $2 billion in fraudulent and abusive transactions.

These results are possible due to their improved security features and policy enhancements in combination with their continuous investments in machine learning systems and app review processes.

Google also prevented about 500K submitted apps from unnecessarily accessing sensitive permissions over the past 3 years.


Google’s App Security Improvements program in 2022 helped developers address approximately 500K security weaknesses, affecting approximately 300K apps.

The Google Play SDK Index was introduced to evaluate the reliability and safety of SDKs. Google is working with SDK providers to ensure the safety of SDKs used by app developers.

Google is working to fight fraudulent and malicious ads on the official play store. It updated its ads policy for developers to provide key guidelines that will improve the in-app user experience and prohibit unexpected full screen interstitial ads.

The Data Safety section in Google Play obliges developers to declare how their app data is being collected, shared, and protected.

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