December 3, 2023

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. said on Sunday night that a ransomware group took credit for the information security incident that occurred on March 2.

The company promptly took steps to contain and remediate the impact of the I.T. security incident, including employing containment and eradication protocols to mitigate the threat and additional measures to ensure the integrity of its systems


After the incident occurred at the beginning of the month, the drug maker isolated its network and initiated the recovery process. Nonetheless, the company’s business operations have been impacted

Any other potential adverse impact of the incident is yet to be determined, which could increase costs to maintain insurance coverage, divert the time of the management and employees, and lead to the possibility of litigation.

ALPHV, the threat actors behind the data breach, have now come out and listed the Sun Pharmaceutical breach on their leak site on the darknet.


Their claim of still having access to Sun Pharma’s network is quite a statement as the breach was first reported on March 2nd of this year. The ransomware group has posted screenshots of data samples on their leak site, in addition to a 28mb data sample. The group also claims that they have over 17TB (17000 GB) of data from the Indian Pharmaceutical major.

“First of all, this company does not care about its employees (over 1500 complete documents from US employees alone and even more from Europe/India), customers, and the country they work in.”

The group has provided two complete ‘lists’, one of which has been downloaded ‘recently’ from the pharmaceutical giant’s server, according to ALPHV. They have also provided screenshots in addition to these lists.

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