December 1, 2023

The third day of Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 has seen awards $195,000, bringing the total awarded to $1035,000

  • Kyle Zeng from ASU SEFCOM used a double free bug to exploit Ubuntu Desktop. He earns $30,000 and 3 Master of Pwn points.
  • Thomas Imbert from Synacktiv used a UAF against Microsoft Windows 11. They earn $30,000 and 3 Master of Pwn points.
  • Mingi Cho of Theori used a UAF against Ubuntu Desktop. They earn $30,000 and 3 Master of Pwn points.
  • STAR Labs used an uninitialized variable and UAF against VMWare Workstation. They earn $80,000 and 8 Master of Pwn points.
  • Bien Pham of Qrious Security successfully targeted Ubuntu Desktop, but the exploit was previously known. They still earn $15,000 and 1.5 Master of Pwn points.

Only failure waa that STAR Labs was unable to get their exploit of Microsoft Teams working within the time allotted.

That’s a wrap for Pwn2Own Vancouver! Contestants disclosed 27 unique zero-days and won a combined $1,035,000 (and a car)! Congratulations to the Masters of Pwn, Synacktiv (@Synacktiv), for their huge success and hard work! They earned 53 points, $530,000, and a Tesla Model 3.

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