December 5, 2023

Dutch maritime logistics company Royal Dirkzwager – specialized in optimizing shipping processes and managing maritime and logistic information flows hit by play ransomware.

Royal Dirkzwager added to play ransomware Tor data leak site and announced the theft of stolen private and personal confidential data, employee IDs, passports, contracts etc. Initially leaked a 5 GB archive as proof of the hack and threatens to release the full dump if the company will not pay the ransom.


As per the statement of Royal Dirkzwager, the ransomware attack did not impact the operations of the company and the threat actors have stolen sensitive data from its infrastructure. It also notified the Dutch Data Protection Authority and confirmed it is in negotiations with the ransomware group.

 Other shipping industry affected by ransomware attacks

  1. DNV – major maritime software suppliers.
  2. Oiltanking GmbH – a German petrol distributor that supplies Shell gas stations in the country, severely impacting its operations.

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