December 5, 2023

Following Rubrik, Hitachi Energy has disclosed a data breach. Cl0p ransomware gang is responsible for the attack and stolen its data by exploiting the recently disclosed zero-day vulnerability inGoAnywhere MFT.

Hitachi was the victim of a large-scale campaign targeting GoAnywhere MFT devices worldwide by exploiting zero-day vulnerability.

As per the Hitachi statement -We recently learned that a third-party software provider called FORTRA GoAnywhere MFT was the victim of an attack by the CL0P ransomware group that could have resulted in unauthorized access to employee data in some countries.


Hitachi Energy immediately launched an investigation into the incident and disconnected the compromised system. The company reported the data breach to law enforcement agencies and data protection watchdog.

Hitachi pointed out that its network operations or the security of its customer data have not been compromised.

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