September 30, 2023

Following the breach of Hatch bank and CHS through exploiting the flaw in the Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT. Now Rubrik also joins the victims list of suffering a data breach

Cl0p ransomware group stolen  the data by exploiting the recently disclosed zero-day vulnerability in the Fortra GoAnywhere secure file transfer platform. This is coming into limelight after Cl0p listed Rubrik to its leak site

Rubrik immediately launched an investigation into the incident with the help of third-party forensics experts.


As per the statement published by Rubrik, “We detected unauthorized access to a limited amount of information in one of our non-production IT testing environments because of the GoAnywhere vulnerability. Importantly, based on our current investigation, being conducted with the assistance of third-party forensics experts, the unauthorized access did NOT include any data we secure on behalf of our customers via any Rubrik products and no lateral movement to other environment.”

Rubrik took the involved non-production environment offline and leveraged our own security systems and solutions to quickly contain the threat and help restore our test environment.

The stolen data include internal sales information, certain customer and partner company information, and a limited number of purchase orders from its distributors. The company pointed out that customer data was impacted by the security breach.

Fortra recommends GoAnywhere MFT customers review all administrative users and monitor for unrecognized usernames, especially those created by system.

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