December 5, 2023

Dell has announced an array of new security services and solutions designed to help organizations protect against threats, respond to attacks, and secure their devices, systems, and clouds.

The service named Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus, a fully managed security operations solution that helps organizations prevent, respond, and recover from security threats.

This service protects endpoints, infrastructure, software, hardware, and clouds with 24/7 threat detection and investigation while identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing patching.


Along with protection, the service also comes with support on breach and attack simulations to ensure an organization’s existing security controls, including web or email gateway settings, are configured and working properly. Penetration testing. The service further provides cybersecurity training in easy-to-learn modules to improve employee awareness of risks and encourage best practices.

As already mentioned last week in our coverage, Dell has also augmented its threat management portfolio with CrowdStrike offering customers more choices in cybersecurity software by adding CrowdStrike Falcon into its SafeGuard and Response portfolio.

Dell introduces Product Success Accelerator for Cyber Recovery. The new service streamlines the implementation and operation of a more secure, isolated cyber recovery vault. Using the new vault helps organizations protect critical data and maintain business continuity.

PSX for Cyber Recovery is claimed to be the first standardized, outcome-based service available within the new PSX family. Companies can choose from three levels of assistance based on their needs.

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