October 4, 2023

Acronis, a Switzerland based security firm has been hit by a data breach, with over 21 GB of data being leaked by a hacker known as Kernelware.

The leaked data was posted on Breach Forums with no login credentials being leaked. The hacker, who was also behind the recent Indian HDFC bank and Acer breaches, claimed to have breached Acronis.

The leaked data includes various certificate files, command logs, system configurations, system information logs, archives of their filesystem, and python scripts for their maria.db database, backup configuration stuff, and loads of screenshots of their backup operations.


Several files and folders showed internal images and logs from Lansing, Michigan-based web hosting firm, Liquid Web.

Acronis’ CISO, Kevin Reed, confirmed the incident in a LinkedIn post, stating that “Based on our investigation so far, the credentials used by a single specific customer to upload diagnostic data to Acronis support have been compromised.”

As technology continues to evolve, the threat of cyberattacks has become more prevalent, and the consequences can be severe, including financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

Business must take proactive steps to protect their data and systems by implementing robust security measures. Individuals need to remain vigilant about online activities, using strong passwords, and keeping software and systems up to date.

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