September 22, 2023


Acer earlier this week has confirmed a data breach after a hacker offered to sell 160 Gb of files allegedly stolen from the company’s systems during mid-February 2023.

In a statement, Acer stated that it detected an incident of unauthorized access to one of our document servers for repair technicians and chunks of data has been stolen and there is currently no indication that any consumer data was stored on that server. The hacker allegedly announced on a popular cybercrime forum that he is selling more than 2,800 files totalling 160 Gb for an unspecified amount of Monero cryptocurrency.


The threat actor claimed that he has the hands on the  files include confidential slides, staff manuals, confidential product documentation, binary files, information on backend infrastructure, disk images, replacement digital product keys, and BIOS-related information.

This is not the first time Acer has confirmed a data breach. In October 2021, the tech giant admitted that servers in India and Taiwan were hacked after a group claimed to have stolen more than 60 Gb of data from the company’s systems.


AT&T is into the limelight again. This time its unnamed marketing vendor suffers a data breach and has exposed data associated with nearly 9 million wireless telecom accounts.

As per the AT&T statement, due to an unauthorized access, the breach occurred and it does not have data related to payment information, account passwords, Social Security numbers, or other personally identifiable information.


The mobile carrier is notifying affected customers, it said. According to notification letter in an AT&T Community forum.

We recently determined that an unauthorized person breached a vendor’s system and gained access to your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). In our industry, CPNI is information related to the telecommunications services you purchase from us, such as the number of lines on your account or the wireless plan to which you are subscribed.

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