September 30, 2023

Anonymous Sudan, a newly risen threat actor group has taken credit for DDoS attacks on sweden hospitals, that are carried out in retaliation for activists who had burned the Quran in Denmark over the past week.

Although the group claims to be based in Sudan, it is almost certainly a Russian hacker group, linked to the Russian government. It cited as evidence the fact that the group’s Telegram account is operated from Russia, that its posts are in Russian or English, and that its messages are amplified by accounts in the Russian hacker sphere.


The sites taken down on Sunday included:,,,,,,,, and

In a post on Twitter, Copenhagen’s health authority pointed users to an emergency page on where all essential phone numbers were collected and stressed that although the health authority’s website was down, all other hospital infrastructure was working as normal.

The hospital and health authority’s websites later returned to normal operation; it said in a follow-up tweet.

Earlier in the month, Swedish airlines, municipalities, railways was hit by a cyberattack

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