September 25, 2023

Researchers have warned of new Windows and Android phishing campaigns using ChatGPT to trick users into unwittingly downloading malware and handing over their credit card details.

Several of the phishing sites are being spread by a fake social media page spoofed in the name of ChatGPT developer OpenAI that tries to build credibility by including a mix of content, such as videos and other unrelated posts.


After a deeper analysis, it’s been revealed that some posts on the page contain links that lead users to phishing pages that impersonate ChatGPT. These phishing pages trick users into downloading malicious files onto their machines.

The links are typo squatted to make the victim think they are being taken to an official ChatGPT site where they can download the much-talked-about tool. Clicking on this will install stealer malware on the victim’s machine.

Another phishing site features a Try ChatGPT button which installs the Lumma stealer, while other variations are being used to spread the Aurora stealer variant, the Clipper Trojan, and others.

Researchers also spotted 50 fake Android apps spoofing the ChatGPT brand to sneak potentially unwanted programs, adware, and spyware onto victims’ devices, as well as commit billing fraud.

By posing as ChatGPT, these threat actors seek to deceive users into thinking that they are interacting with a legitimate and trustworthy source when they are being exposed to harmful and malicious content. Victims of these malicious campaigns could suffer financial losses or even compromise their personal information, causing significant harm.


This research was documented by researchers from Cyble

Indicators of Compromise

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  • hxxps://openai-pc-pro[.]online
  • hxxps://chat-gpt-pc[.]online
  • hxxps://chatgpt-go[.]online
  • hxxp://[.]exe
  • hxxp://[.]exe
  • hxxps://rebrand[.]ly/qaltfnuChatGPTOpenAI

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