September 21, 2023

Scandinavian airline SAS was hit by a crippling cyber attack, after which its website and app went offline. It is suspected that the incident may have leaked the airline’s customer data from the app briefly.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, 14th February, in the evening. The airline urged customers to refrain from using its mobile app, as they might receive incorrect information. Reportedly, some users, including customers from Norway, logged into the wrong accounts and accessed data or other customers. The company’s website remained offline for some time.


The airline didn’t provide details of the incident; however, users have posted resentful comments on its Twitter account in response to the company’s Valentine’s Day message.

Some users posted about a technical glitch in the airline website that prevented them from buying tickets; it is not yet clear whether these complaints were resolved or not.

Several Scandinavian media outlets were hit by hackers on the same day that SAS was attacked. This includes SVT, a popular Swedish television channel that became a victim of a DDoS attack by a group named “Anonymous Sudan”.

The hackers stated that the cyber attack was a response to the recent Quran-burning incident near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.

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