September 26, 2023

Google started to roll out the beta of its Privacy Sandbox features on a limited number of Android 13 devices. An initiative designed to limit user data sharing in digital advertising and the impact of cross-app identifiers.

With the beta, users and developers will be able to experience and evaluate these new solutions in the real world. The Privacy Sandbox Beta provides new APIs that don’t use identifiers that can track user activity across apps and websites.

It will be down to individual apps participating in the beta and using the APIs to show relevant ads and measure their effectiveness on customers.


Users will be able to control beta participation by going to the Privacy Sandbox section of Settings.

Google further revealed that it collected feedback from hundreds of companies on its design proposals and developer previews before releasing the Privacy Sandbox beta. The list includes Samsung, OnePlus and Vivo, among others.

Google concludes saying “We’ll continue to work closely with developers, marketers, and regulators on this journey.”

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