September 30, 2023

The Play ransomware group listed networking firm A10 Networks on its leak site after briefly gaining access to the company’s IT infrastructure

The leak site claims the group has private and personal confidential data, a lot of technical documentation, agreements, and employee and client documents.

A10, earlier said it had identified a cybersecurity incident on Jan. 23, in its corporate IT infrastructure, and said the attack was not related to any of the products or solutions used by its customers and engaged the services of cybersecurity experts and advisors


A10 Networks specializes in the manufacture of application delivery controllers and provides secure, scalable application solutions for on-premises, cloud, and edge-cloud environments. It also offers firewall and DDoS threat intelligence and mitigation services.

A10 Networks serves customers in 117 countries worldwide – including Yahoo, Alibaba, Deutsche Telekom, Softbank, GE Healthcare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Samsung, Uber, Sony Pictures, Windows Azure, Xbox, and others.

The company in the SEC filing says it contained the attack in its network with the help of outside experts and notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the incident.

Play ransomware, also known as PlayCrypt, is a new ransomware group that came to light in June 2022. It gained massive attention for attacking Argentina’s Judiciary of Córdoba and the German hotel chain H-Hotels. Play mainly focuses on organizations in the Latin American region, especially Brazil.

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