September 30, 2023

A canadian book store chain, Indigo Books & Music, is a victim of a cyber attack, leading the company to temporarily shut down its website and only allow cash payments.

The details of the incident have yet to be known, but the possibility of customer data being compromised by the hackers.


Indigo reported technical issues causing disruptions in accessing their website and restricted payment options at their physical stores to cash only. They also advised that gift card transactions were unavailable and that online orders could face potential delays.

Indigo was working with third-party experts to investigate the matter. The attackers motto and the possibilities of gaining access to customer data need to be determined.

Indigo is a brand with an annual revenue of over CAD $1 billion, a likely target for cybercriminals. It is not yet clear how the hackers were able to breach Indigo’s systems. However, it is possible that they used data obtained from information-stealing malware.

There were reports of stolen Indigo credentials being sold on at least one cybercrime market in February and January, which were likely obtained through malware such as Redline, Raccoon, and Vidar.


It searches for sensitive information on infected systems and creates a profile of the machine. This information is then used to gain access to the compromised host without being detected.

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