September 22, 2023

Google rolls out a new version of Chrome to the Stable channel once in four-week time. However, it is changing its release pace a bit with Chrome 110. Rather than releasing Chrome 110 to Stable four weeks after Chrome 109 for all users, it is rolling out the latest version to a new Early Stable channel one week earlier instead. This means that Chrome 110 will hit Early Stable today three weeks after the release of Chrome 109 and will arrive in Stable next week, as mentioned on Chromium Dash.

Releasing today, Google Chrome 110 packs a very lengthy changelog. Although Chrome 109 was supposed to be the first version of the browser to implement Google’s alternative to third-party cookies in the form of Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS), this has been pushed to Chrome 110 instead.


An opt-out mechanism for Secure Payment Confirmation allowing users to have their information removed from the developer’s server has also been implemented.

There is more access control surrounding the navigator.share() function for third-party iframes along with the ability to load new documents in them through ephemeral credential-less contexts, and web apps can also customize their launch behavior based on various triggers. In a similar vein, cross-origin iframe support is added for the FedCM API, something appreciated by web developers and browser vendors (Apple, Mozilla)

Another change is that Chrome 110 allows deviation characters like “ß” and “ς” in domain names, just like Firefox and Safari – both of which have been managing them correctly since 2016


There are a couple of deprecations and removals as well. WebSQL in non-secure contexts is being axed completely following a deprecation in Chrome 105. Similarly, the legacy storage quota API “window.webkitStorageInfo” is removed. It has been deprecated since 2013 and this removal is expected to have a minor impact considering no other browser implemented it either.

Another important note is that the update will be seeded to a small percentage of user” based on some unknown criteria and the idea is to identify any niggling issues ahead of the actual Stable release that is scheduled for next week

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