September 25, 2023

Snyk has announced that it secured $25 million from ServiceNow. By this, it brings the total amount Snyk has secured to $1.4 billion since 2020. Snyk, with its developer security platform that helps organizations to mitigate their risk of exposure to software supply chain attack

Snyk reports that it closed out 2022 with over 2,300 customers who remediated more than 5.1 million vulnerabilities. Identity verification provider Veriff ranked Snyk first in an analysis of security startups based on funding amounts, number of investors, employee counts, Twitter following, and the uniqueness of the product portfolio.


ServiceNow will embed Snyk’s open source software component analysis (SCA) and intelligence tools into ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response. While Snyk can boost ServiceNow’s vulnerability detection capabilities, its developer-focused tools can bring Snyk to more DevSecOps organizations.

Snyk, founded in 2015 stood out amid escalating growth in software supply chain attacks. Snyk’s Developer Security Platform helps organizations reduce the risk of an attack by letting those who build container-based applications generate software bills of materials (SBOMs) during the development process.


ServiceNow says it serves 80% of Fortune 500 companies and approximately 7,400 enterprise customers.

  • Snyk added a “developer-first” API and CLI to create SBOMs, which provides broader visibility into customers’ complete software supply chains.
  • Snyk Cloud, the acquisition of Fugue went live last year in November. Snyk Cloud has a common policy engine designed to ensure organizations’ cloud applications are secure before deploying them.
  • Snyk also released an SBOM Checker, a free tool that scans SBOMs for vulnerabilities.
  • Snyk also has added Bomber Integration, which scans SBOMs with the open-source Bomber application, testing them against its open source Snyk Vulnerability Database.

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