December 9, 2023

Nvidia has announced the details about a digital lab playground for its latest security offering are now available, letting users try out an AI-powered system designed to monitor individual user accounts for potentially hazardous behavior.

To leverage the enormous quantity of data that many organizations compile about login and data access events on their systems and use that to train an AI that watches for user accounts to diverge from their usual patterns.

The system enables security teams to handle a few high-risk items rather than millions of potential problems


Nvidia says that this solution is essentially a kind of LEGO kit for digital fingerprinting, allowing users to customize their own solution that best meets their needs. The system has the potential to both reduce workloads and enable faster identification of potential malefactors.

This is just the beginning of AI-powered security enhancements, in the future we may see more user profiles, including data as granular as typing speed and accuracy, that could be used to help identify suspicious behavior.

The digital fingerprinting system is currently available in Nvidia’s AI Enterprise platform, and the new lab module that allows users to walk through a real deployment on sample architecture hosted at Equinix and interact with Nvidia experts is available via the Nvidia’s LaunchPad site

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