October 2, 2023
Source – Apple Store

The website of ODIN Intelligence, a provider of law enforcement tools was defaced after it was claimed that the company was exposing law enforcement data online.

The defacement included a message that stated, “ACAB” and “no nations! no borders! we are all illegal.” A further message stated that “all data and backups have been shredded” suggesting that those behind the attack had deleted files on the server hosting the website.

SweepWizard, an application offered by ODIN that is used by police to target sex offenders, is leaking data on the open internet. The report claims that private information about suspects was easily accessible and could be used by suspects to avoid arrest or raise suspicion of people who have not been convicted of any crime.


The data leak is said to have been extensive, including confidential details about hundreds of sweeps from dozens of police departments over multiple years.

Data found included identifying information about hundreds of officers and suspects, including home addresses, contact information, and occasionally Social Security numbers.

ODIN, last year found to be marketing facial recognition technology for identifying homeless people. The marketing pitch for the ODIN Homeless Management Information System used language that was alleged by some to be callous and degrading.

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