October 4, 2023

A new decryptor was released for enabling the victims of the MegaCortex ransomware to recover their encrypted files for free.

Bitdefender and the EU’s No More Ransom initiative in cooperation with the Zürich Cantonal Police, the Zürich Public Prosecutor’s Office and Europol, has built the decryptor. In mid last year the collaboration group has announced that 12 individuals had been arrested in connection with the Dharma, LockerGoga and MegaCortex ransomware families.

With the arrests, has  allowed investigators to recover multiple private keys used by the ransomware gang that could allow victims to recover data that was previously encrypted with the LockerGaga or MegaCortex malware. A decryptor for LockerGoga was released last year.


Now, a free MegaCortex decryptor is made available by Bitdefender. The tool, which should work to unlock files encrypted by all variants of MegaCortex ransomware, is available to download from Bitdefender and via No More Ransom’s decryption tools portal,

The portal is also listed 136 free tools for 165 ransomware variants, including Babuk, DarkSide, Gandcrab and REvil.

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