September 22, 2023

Slack has suffered a data breach but reassured customers that their data was not affected by the incident.

Slack, in an announcement, explained how an unknown threat acted to obtain Slack employee tokens and used them to access private GitHub repositories. But, the repositories did not hold Slack’s primary codebase or customer data.

To combat the threat, Slack invalidated the stolen tokens and said to be looking further into the “potential impact” of the data breach.Even though there’s no evidence the attackers made away with sensitive information, Slack still decided to rotate its secrets.


In mid-2020, the company suffered a data breach forcing it to reset the passwords for thousands of users. At the time, it was believed that roughly 1% of all Slack users (which was equivalent to more than 65,000 people then) were affected by the incident.

Slack was also hit by a cyberattack back in 2015 when hackers broke into its user profile database and accessed scrambled user passwords

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