September 22, 2023

Netwrix has acquired privileged access management startup Remediant for an undisclosed price to enrich its PAM offering.

Remediant offers PAM software designed to assist enterprises in protecting their accounts from misuse and abuse. It provides real-time monitoring, zero-trust security protection of privileged accounts and just-in-time administration across information technology and security ecosystems.

Remediant prime software SecureOne Features

  • Agentless real-time visibility into standing 24×7 administrative access and one-click removal of unnecessary, always-on, always available privileged accounts.
  • Zero Standing Privilege technology requires users to use MFA for just-in-time resource access
  • Eliminates blind spots in legacy PAM solutions by preventing admin access sprawl outside the vault.

Remediant’s software also offers continuous stolen credential protection, protecting against ransomware, malware and other external attacks that leverage stolen or misused credentials. The service provides enriched contextual information about compromised privileged accounts to allow security teams to prioritize incident response and remediation.

With the acquisition,  Netwrix will enrich its PAM offering, Remediant’s technology will also be used by Netwrix to enhance its technical capability in the Identity and Protect functions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework.

Existing Remediant customers will also be offered additional security services through Netwrix’s existing product portfolio, allowing them to reduce risk and make more informed decisions about their security.

Netwrix previous acquisition includes New Net Technologies LLC, Imanami Corp. and MATESO GmbH.

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